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Air Pressure


Committed to Excellence

Ten things that require zero talent:

- Being on Time
- Work Ethic
- Effort
- Body Language
- Energy 

- Attitude
- Passion
- Being Coachable
- Doing Extra
- Being Prepared

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Get to know me

I am an up and coming London-based filmmaker and aspiring producer.

Having grown up in southern Switzerland, I became fluent in German, Italian, Swiss German and cover good knowledge in the French language. In high school, I specialised my studies in Commerce and Economics before following my passion for visual storytelling. 

Tea Plantation
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Supporting Women in the Film and TV Industry


Times are changing and it is fundamental to shift the focus onto up and coming but also already established women in the Film and TV Industry. 3%, 4%, 10%? Those percentages should not be what they are. 

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Here you can find a selection of projects I've done and that I can share

The Innocent

Can you trust your mind?

The Innocent is a 97 minute, Crime-Thriller/Mystery about Michael Chambers, a man dealing with a deeply seeded case of psychological trauma which is the root to his chronic insomnia. He can’t rest even though he wants to more than anything else. Amid all this, there is a child killer on the loose. As a veteran detective, he has been brought out of retirement to stop this predator once and for all. He has to juggle his personal struggles with his family, his mental health and stop a very dangerous man, all before it is too late. 

Producer/Director:        Subhro Das

Producer:          Mara Manzolini

Producer Showreel

Truly Top-Notch

Short Films​

'Lighthouse', 'Toxic Hearts', 'Sense', 'Vanilla', 

'Trigger'​, 'Checkmate'​

Informational Film ​

'RightsInfo: What can be more British than that?' ​


'Upstage S1/3​'


      - 'FoFo'

Chrysalis Boy

Channel 4 - Screen South - First Act

A striking film about self acceptance
A young transgender man takes his first steps towards accepting his true identity, not just through altering his appearance but facing the people around him who won't accept his change. Manzolini, you can trust that you’re in great hands.

Producer:        Mara Manzolini

Director:         Charlie Tidmas

Shifting Focus

About Women in the Industry

'Shifting Focus'

Informational Film with Sarah Gavron, Caroline Bartleet and Emma Smithwick about the lack of representation of women directors in the UK.

Producer/Director:         Mara Manzolini

Director:                         Asma Humayun

Rightsinfo: What can be more British than that?

About Human Rights Issues

'Human Rights: What can be more British than that?'

Two minutes animation film about the importance and creation of Human Rights Law.

Producer:         Mara Manzolini

Director:           Roozbeh Missaghi

Winner of the 2016 SSCA, 'Impact' category. 

Different World

Beauty of a different way of Filmmaking

'Different World'

An ape is confronted by strange noises that interrupt the quiet of the forest. Different World is a short film about the magic of motion capture and how one can get caught up in it. 

Producer:        Mara Manzolini

Director:          Leoni Tenius

A Mo-Cap Man walks into a Bar

Would you like a Banana?

"A Mo-Cap Man walks into a Bar" tackles the magic of Motioncapture and the barriers people have to compered high-technology

Producer:     Mara Manzolini

Directors:     Fredrik Gustafsson, Robin Samson


Simply magical


Fantasy short film about an apparently perfect woman in search of the perfect love story. 

Producer:              Mara Manzolini

Director:              Alexander Miguel 


The beauty of life

Gilbert, an alcoholic old man, has been living on a cliff saving people from committing suicide for the past 10 years. When Alan, a troubled young man tries to kill himself, Gilbert is faced with the reality of the human condition: some people just want, and maybe have the right, to die. And it's not his fault.

Producer:      Mara Manzolini

Director:        Sébastien Blanc

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